Monday, August 30, 2010

Writing to explain: Who was Michael Jackson?

Who was Michael Jackson?

Michael Jackson was a very famous singer.

Michael Joseph Jackson was the King of Pop, a dad, a recording artist, a father, a man, a great singer and a fantastic dancer and also the best moon walker so he was very famous.

Michael Jackson was a singer and a dancer. He also gave money away. He was a part of the Jackson Five. He wrote lots of songs and he had a monkey called Bubbles. He owned a theme park because he had so much money. He made music videos.

When he died on June 25th 2009 a billion people watched his funeral on T.V. He died because something was happening with his heart. He took drugs and he had a heart attack. He died at home when he was sleeping. His home was called Neverland.

Michael Jackson was a very famous singer because of all the music he wrote. He died in 2009 but is still famous now.

By Syris, Benjamin and Nathan.

Can you see the text connectives (that means words like "so" and "because") that this group has used? If you can, they have been successful in their learning! Leave them a comment and tell them so!


  1. Hi Syris, Benjamin and Nathan,

    We think you have used lots of connectives in your writing. We like your write up on Michael Jackson. Vincent told us that Michael Jackson's hair caught on fire when he was filming a Pepsi Cola ad for TV. He didn't know his hair was on fire.
    We've learnt lots from you on the King of Pop.
    We think he's the greatest.

    From Room 3 PBS

  2. Kia ora Syris,Benjamin and Nathan

    your writing makes me think about Michael Jackson a lot more because as you said he was a very famous singer and dancer! Also he was part of the Jackson five.I think it's great
    from Amy.

  3. hi my name is kalani I like michael jackson

  4. Hi Syris, Benjamin and Nathan,

    that was an excellent report about Michael Jackson.
    i love Michael Jackson too.

    love marlo.