Thursday, February 25, 2010

We're Moving!

Things are changing at Grey Lynn School and great things are happening! New blogs are popping up all over the place and because of this, we've decided to make sure their addresses are all the same so that they are easy for our audience to find.

Because of this, on Monday 1st March, Room 8 Super Stars will have a new blog address. All our work will still exist, it'll just have a new home.

Our new address will be:

If you have us bookmarked in your sidebar, please update your links so that you don't lose us! We are really looking forward to all the exciting things we are going to do on our new blog. See you there!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mix and Match: How we have changed over time

In Room 8, we have been thinking about how we have changed since we were babies. We had to bring a baby photo of ourselves to school. Then Mrs Hamilton took a picture of us to show what we look like now. They are all on the wall with velcro. Next we tried to match up our baby photos with the photos of us now.
By doing this, we learned that our faces have got bigger. We also realised that our eyes, our smiles and some of the shapes of our faces HASN'T changed since we were babies. We thought that was exciting to find out.
We would like to show you our slideshow of us doing the mix and match!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Recount Writing: Going to the Swimming Pool

In Room 8, we have been learning to write recounts that have an orientation, a sequence of events and then finish with a personal comment. We visited the pool on Wednesday this week and since then have been working hard on a recount of our time in the school pool. Here is Isobel's fantastic recount for you to enjoy. To check out the rest, you'll have to visit Room 8!

This morning Room 8 went to the pool to practice for swimming sports.

First we walked to the swimming pool. I felt happy because I like swimming. We got changed in the changing rooms.

Next we lined up in three lines at the deep end of the pool. I was excited because I had not done this for a long time.

Soon it was my turn to get in and swim. I did well but the second time I got in and scratched my arm. It stung in the water but I was ok. I used a flutter board to swim the whole pool.

Soon after we got out of the pool, got dressed and walked back to class. I felt happy because I like our school pool.

By Isobel.

Monday, February 15, 2010

The Life Cycle of the Butterfly

Last week, we were learning all about the life cycle of the butterfly. We talked about how they started out as eggs, hatched into larva (we call them caterpillars), change into a pupa (another name for this is a chrysalis) and then finally reemerge as a butterfly. To show this cycle in our classroom, we got into groups and chose one part of the life cycle that we wanted to paint. We created a design of our window and thought about the colours we would need to mix to make our window beautiful. We told Mrs Hamilton how to draw the outline for our window, and then we painted it! It was lots of fun and a bit messy, but now it looks fantastic.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Power of One

This morning the Puriri Team went and sat under the Puriri tree. We went there for a show called The Power of One. It was about bullying.
First we had to wait for other classes to come which was a bit boring but I coped. The other teachers and classes came pretty soon.
Then the show started. There were two actors called Claire and Shannon. They acted with masks to make things exciting. Then they asked a few students, including Nathan, to help them. They did good acting.
After that they revealed the power of one against bullying. It's you!!! Finally we went back to class. It was a good show because it taught us what to do when we see a bully and I enjoyed it.
By Arlo

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

All About Grey Lynn School

We have been discussing important places in Grey Lynn School today. Check out our thoughts!

Friday, February 5, 2010

New year, new kids, new room!

This is our first blog post in Room 8 this year. If you watch the clip, you will hear what we are looking forward to at school. Some things we are doing this term are looking at life cycles and how we change over time, statistics for maths, clay and painting for art, swimming and P.E, Kid Pix and iMovie for elearning, and for writing we are doing report writing.
We are going to have a fun term in Room 8. Visit us lots this term to see all the cool stuff will do!