Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Descriptive Writing: Rain

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Today we went out to Siberia to see what we could hear, taste, smell, feel and see. I saw nature blowing. I saw nineteen houses. One had a little chair outside. I also saw a broken branch. I heard cicadas tweeting. Some children were screaming. I could feel soggy grass under my feet. I liked the rain.
By Max.

This morning Room 10 went outside. I shut my eyes and heard rain like a shower splashing down on us. When I opened my eyes, I could see green grass that was the same colour as green paint. I smelled grass like wet bark. The rain tasted like when I drink water out of a cup, and I touched wet bark that felt like wood that had been struck by lightning. I felt happy because we didn't have to do any work.
By Sasha.

Today we went outside in Siberia. I heard cars splashing in puddles. They sounded like me bombing in the school pool. I could see lots of trees. They were brown like chocolate. I tasted rain on my tongue like water from a tap. I felt happy to be outside.
By Jeru.

This morning Room 10 went to stand on the grass outside our class. I heard trees rustling like they were talking and they did it softly. I saw green and brown nature. I tasted air which tasted fresh. I touched the grass which felt soft and damp like half dried togs. I felt really wonderful because I like fresh air and I love nature.
By Maia.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Our thoughts on working together

This is our voicethread.  To hear our comments about working together, click on our faces.  To leave your own comment about our artwork or about cooperating, click on the comment icon above and choose between leaving a written comment and recording your own audio comment.
We hope you enjoy our first voicethread!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Discussing Writing and Commenting

Today Room 10 read the comments some awesome people had left on our previous posts, and we discussed commenting. We decided that we want to make our comments sound as professional as we can, by using full stops and capital letters, and making sure we check our spelling before we press publish!

We used some of the comments on our blog to come up with ideas about what we could write, and how we should write it. We then sat down and wrote some replies to our commenters. Here are some of them:

Dear visitors,
Thank you for the lovely comments on our blog. Please keep on doing it because I like seeing the comments from different countries.
From Anisah.

To our visitors,
Thank you people for commenting on our blog. It's really nice to see people commenting on our experiences. It is also lovely hearing about other people in the world when we read the comments. I hope you come to our blog again soon to see what we are doing.
From Celia.

Dear commenters,
Thank you for visiting us. I'm glad you did. I hope you are having a good time.
From Cameron.

Dear visitors,
Thank you for visiting our blog. I love listening to your comments when our teacher reads them to us. Come and visit us again, and bring your friends to visit!
From Sasha.

Thank you to all the people who have visited our blog, we really appreciate your time and thoughts!

Heroes and Villains: brainstorm and painting

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In Room 10 our topic for Term 1 is Heroes and Villains.  

The first thing we did to learn about it was we did brainstorms in groups and wrote some ideas about heroes and villains and what actions made them like that.  After that, we painted some heroes, but no villains.  The heroes we painted were: Finding Nemo, Kung Fu Panda, Elastigirl, Violet, Bolt and Batman.  

I painted Finding Nemo with my group.  When we were painting, we also had to share paint and brushes and work as a team to make our painting look like the real Nemo. It was a little hard to paint Nemo because we had to work with each other and people put their paintbrushes in the way, but we started to get better at working together.  It looks cool!  

Now we just have the background to paint today...

By Stella and Jennifer.

Monday, February 2, 2009


Hello!  We're Room 10 and we'd like to tell you a bit about ourselves.  We think we're awesome, and here are some reasons why:  we're fantastic writers, which you'll get to see this year when we publish work on our blog, we really like maths, we think reading is fun, and we have some really good sports people in our class too!   We also think that we have a cool teacher so this year should be fun.

This year, we are Year 3 and most of us are 7 years old.  Some of the things we would like to do this year are:  play lots of games, go on trips to places like Kelly Tarltons, do heaps of art, make some movies, and go on the senior playground since we're finally allowed!

Thanks for reading our blog, and we hope you come and visit us again to see all the cool things we are doing!