Friday, May 29, 2009

Cross Country!

Today our whole school went to Grey Lynn Park to do the Cross Country.  We're busy writing full recounts of the day, but so that you get to know what happened faster, here are some photos of the Kauri Team at Cross Country.  Check out our fantastic running!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Persuasive Writing: Should there be snow in Antarctica?

Should there be snow in Antarctica?  Here are some Room 10 opinions...

I believe there shouldn't be snow in Antarctica because small animals like penguins might get blown over.  Also it would be very difficult to have a race there.  Another reason is that if there is too much snow and you have just got out of a plane, you might get frozen.  That is why there shouldn't be snow there. 
By Sasha

I think there should be snow in Antarctica because all the animals would die if there wasn't snow.  The race to be first to the South Pole would also not be much of a challenge without snow.  Another reason is that snow can be very interesting and if they tried to explore the
 Arctic instead they might get eaten by a polar bear, but there are
 no polar bears in Antarctica. Lastly, snow is really fun.  There should definitely be snow in Antarctica.
By Matt.

I believe snow shouldn't be in Antarctica because if you are racing someone to the South Pole it would be better and much easier.  Another reason is that it would be much warmer and you wouldn't be so very very cold.  I also think that snow shouldn't be in Antarctica because then there wouldn't be any blizzards and people wouldn't get lost.  Antarctica would be safer without snow.
By Robbie

There should be snow in Antarctica because all the wild life like penguins and seals would die if it wasn't there.   Also birds and other animals might not exist any more because they would be extinct.  That would be very sad so we should keep the snow in Antarctica.
By Olivia.

After reading our opinions, which way were you persuaded?  Leave a comment and let us know!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Persuasive Writing: Antarctica - Scott vs Amundsen

Who should have won the race to the South Pole -  Robert Falcon Scott or Roald Amundsen? Let Jordan, Jennifer and Xavier persuade you by sharing THEIR opinions on the subject!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Reading Group D Retells "Hot Stuff" by Margaret Clark

When Harry got home from school he saw a big van in his drive way.  It was called Hot Stuff and it was for selling doughnuts.

One day Dad took Hot Stuff for a drive and backed into a pole.  It made a big dent but the van still worked so that was good.

They decided to take the van to the beach, but when they got to the beach Hot Stuff blew up!

Doughnuts flew everywhere around the beach, landing on everyone and all over the ground.

Dad made a deal with a business man who liked the doughnuts so that they could get new vans and sell the doughnuts all over the place!

However, one day, Harry came home and found a new van in his driveway.  It was a noodle van...

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Reading Group B Retell "The Sheep and the Goat"

Here is the re-enactment of the classic fable, The Sheep and The Goat, as told by Reading Group B.  They were focusing on retelling their fictional story in the way that they thought would be the easiest for others to understand.  How do you think they did?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Group A's Fact Finding Mission: Ice Cream

Group A have again been learning how to tell the difference between non fiction and fiction.  They discussed how non fiction writing often has lots of facts to find when you are reading.  To prove that their book, Ice Cream, was a non fiction book, they went on a fact finding mission.  Here are their top 5 facts about the ice cream making process for you to enjoy!

Friday, May 15, 2009

"How to write a review" by Reading Group C

Are you struggling to write a review of an event?  Here are Group C to give you the facts:  how to write a rave review!  They learned this from their book of the week, Rave Reviews, which gives lots of different types of reviews about funny fictional events.  Enjoy!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Reading: Crab Attack! by Group D

Group D thought long and hard about how they would like to retell their story this week, and decided they'd like to act it out.  However, they didn't have enough people to act in their story!  They solved this problem by rewriting the story so that the main points were still shown, but the story was adapted for a five person play.  Check out the result!  

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Antarctica: What we know so far

We were meant to have a school assembly today, but because it was raining, we couldn't go to hall that we usually use since it's a bit of a walk up the road.  However, this means that our lucky blog audience get to be the first viewers of the movie we made especially for assembly!  It shows what the Year 3's have been doing lately.  Room 10 explains what they learned at Kelly Tarlton's, and then Room 9 shows some amazing Umu Poems!  Feel free to leave us a comment about what YOU know about Antarctica, and if you want to leave a comment for Room 9, they have JUST started a blog too!  Click here to check them (and our movie) out and say hello!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Reading: Retelling the story

Reading Group A read "Rosie and the Big Bad Bear" today and they decided to retell the story for you!  They then had to decide whether the story was fiction or non-fiction, and how they can tell. What do you think?

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Our favourite foods

Room 10's persuasive writing continues.  This time, we decided to try to persuade our audience about our favourite food.  Here are some kids in Room 10 trying to make YOU like their food too!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Recount Writing: Our Kelly Tarlton's Adventure!

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On Thursday we went to Kelly Tarlton's with the Kauri Team.  First we hopped on the bus.  To pass the time, I played "eye spy" with Amy.  Finally we got there.  Then we had our morning tea in the car park.  I had banana cake, a sandwich and raisins.  A few minutes later we were following the penguin feet and going into Kelly Tarlton's.
One of my favourite parts was the Interactive Room.  I dressed up as a penguin in a penguin suit and Lisa (Amy's mum) took a photo of me and Amy in our penguin suits.  Then we had a race!
After that, we went into the shark tank.  There were fish, stingrays, sharks, eels, big and small fish.  Fish and stingrays were gliding across the tank like clouds floating across the sky.  I saw a fish as spotty as a cheetah.  
Soon it was time to go back to school and have lunch.  It was a really fun day.
By Celia.

On Thursday, Rooms 10, 11, 9 and 8 went to Kelly Tarlton's.  We went by bus.  When we got there, we had morning tea outside Kelly Tarlton's and then we went to the Education Room and watched a movie about Antarctica.  We learnt that Antarctica is very dry so you have to wear lots of moisturizer, and that it is the coldest place in the whole world.  Also, if you don't wear goggles there, you could get snow blindness.  
Then we went to the snow cat ride.  On the ride we saw penguins and a big fake whale came out of the water with a seal in it's big mouth.  We also saw still flags and fake people.  It was very cool and fun. 
After that we went to the Stingray Bay.  I saw a turtle swimming and under the turtle was a big stingray.  Soon we had to leave Kelly Tarlton's and go back to school.  It was a good day.
By Phoenix.

On Thursday was the Kauri Team's trip to Kelly Tarltons.  I was in Jordan's group.  I was next to Jordan and we chatted lots and lots.  When we got to Kelly Tarlton's, we had morning tea.  I had tiny teddies and tangles.  It was cold eating outside.
One place we went to inside Kelly Tarlton's was the stingray tank.  We saw the stingrays getting fed.  There were heaps of fish.  I saw a turtle too.  
Next we went to the sharks.  I saw two tiger sharks.  There were two divers with the sharks.  I also saw a turtle.  It looked like it was fake.
I felt happy at Kelly Tarlton's.  I had a fun day.
By Max