Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Antarctica: What we know so far

We were meant to have a school assembly today, but because it was raining, we couldn't go to hall that we usually use since it's a bit of a walk up the road.  However, this means that our lucky blog audience get to be the first viewers of the movie we made especially for assembly!  It shows what the Year 3's have been doing lately.  Room 10 explains what they learned at Kelly Tarlton's, and then Room 9 shows some amazing Umu Poems!  Feel free to leave us a comment about what YOU know about Antarctica, and if you want to leave a comment for Room 9, they have JUST started a blog too!  Click here to check them (and our movie) out and say hello!


  1. Hi Room 10 !

    We just looked at your work. It was very descriptive and the Antarctica work was colourful. You were very expressive when you were talking. It made us want to visit Antarctica. We learned that it doesn't snow in Antarctica - that the snow just blows around!

    Bye from Room 13.

    P.S. Please visit us. We need your dots!

  2. Hey room 10

    Your work is fantastic i wish my class could do cool things like that but anyway about that question that you asked us about how to say 100 in maori it is tahi rau so basicly you just need to say tahi, rua, toru, wha, rima, ono, whitu, waru, iwa and then rau and then if you wanted to say for example 589 you say rima rau waru tekau ma iwa but the most important thing about Maori is that you roll your tongue when you say words that have a r in it i wish you well in learning Maori.

    Yor Sincerly

  3. Great movie about Antarctica Room 10. I learned quite a few new snippets of information from you. Probably the most important was to remember my moisturiser if I ever get to visit there.
    Too bad about the assembly. It is just as well you have a blog to display your work on.
    Mrs Burt

  4. hi room 10 I like the movie clip and its stella here.its not very cool staying at your home because i have been very very sick and all you have to do is stay home and watch tv and somtimes have a big sleep! from stella ps cant wait to come back to school

  5. Hi Room 10. My name is Katy and I am Robbie's godmother. Isa, Emre and I loved your Antarctica info clip. You all did a great job and you taught us lots of useful and interesting things about this wonderful place. Did you enjoy the penguins and fish at Kelly Tarltons, too? We love going there. It's a very cool place. You did great, Robbie. We are very proud of you. Say hi to all your friends from us. Love Katy

  6. Hello everyone in room 10 I recognise most of you and would like to say very well done and keep up the good work. I am Robbie's nana and did not know anything about Antartica and just as importantly it is my first time I have ever been on a blog.You always make me proud Robbie and room 10 keep those blogs rolling

  7. Hi Room 10
    Your Kelly Tarltons Antarctica Trip sounds Awesome!!!
    I wish I could have come with you!!!
    All of you have taught me lots of things about Antarctica.I had no idea that you had to wear lots and lots of moisteriser.
    From Lucy
    -Robbie's sister