Monday, May 11, 2009

Reading: Retelling the story

Reading Group A read "Rosie and the Big Bad Bear" today and they decided to retell the story for you!  They then had to decide whether the story was fiction or non-fiction, and how they can tell. What do you think?


  1. Hi Jeru and Caitlin, What a great retell of this story. I do hope this story was fiction, otherwise there would be real trouble. What did you think?
    Mrs Burt

  2. Hi Caitlin and Jeru,
    har har har
    hee hee hee
    I'm sure glad that bear was not me!
    Fact or fiction I cannot tell
    you both retold the story
    so very well,
    but I'll be extra careful
    next time when I play
    in the sandpit, so thank you
    Reading Group A.

  3. Hi Caitlin and Jeru, we really like your fictional story and how you retold it, because the bear is supposed to eat the girl but the girl wants to eat the bear! From Amy and Phoenix

  4. Hi Jeru and Caitlin, we think the story is fiction because bears don't wear clothes and the girl would get eaten. From Jaime and Sasha.

  5. Hi Jeru and Caitlin, great story telling, I can't believe the bear was a friend! Don't you think that's a great story? I think it's not true because people don't scare bears. From Xavier and Anisah

  6. I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.