Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Our favourite foods

Room 10's persuasive writing continues.  This time, we decided to try to persuade our audience about our favourite food.  Here are some kids in Room 10 trying to make YOU like their food too!


  1. Hi room 10 i loved your poem about your favorite food.Especially about the pizza. (i wouldn't live without pizza!) From Zeb in Room 16.

  2. Awesome movie Room 10 - you people are very persuasive! I know that I should be listening to those of you who wrote about fruit, but I have to admit that the person who wrote about sushi was the most persuasive for me! Well done all of you.
    Mrs Burt

  3. I didn't know what I was missing ! Robbie - How was I living without pizza? You made it sound so obvious and yummy. I must have pizza tonight! I think I will have pizza with Robbie tonight! :-)

    Mrs Fale

  4. you made me hungry
    my favorite food is leak and potato soap homemade
    i am a student at grey lynn school
    i am in room 12
    i have blonde hair
    and i enjoy your teacher


  5. Kia ora room10

    I liked what you Mrs Hamilton put on the blog that was what our favourite food were.I liked everyones.But my favourite one was Max because he showed he liked Sushi and Omelette.

    By Jennifer.

  6. Robbie and Jeru are the pizza lovers of room 10! Who wouldn't like pizza but maybe we should balance that with a bit of fruit aswell??? - Robbie's mum!

  7. I like the favourite foods especially Max. You spoke clearly and did not mumble.

    By Te Ua Room9

  8. HI Room10,
    We love your favourite foods especially Max's. We love sushi!
    From Olivia and Madeline, R9

  9. Hi Room 10.

    Nice persuasive presentations about your favourite foods. I like all those foods too, except for sushi. (sorry Max). But my favourite food is mince and cheese pie.