Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Group A's Fact Finding Mission: Ice Cream

Group A have again been learning how to tell the difference between non fiction and fiction.  They discussed how non fiction writing often has lots of facts to find when you are reading.  To prove that their book, Ice Cream, was a non fiction book, they went on a fact finding mission.  Here are their top 5 facts about the ice cream making process for you to enjoy!


  1. Hi Group A, thank you for telling be about ice cream. I didn't know there were trucks that carry ice cream. It was interesting. From Cameron.

  2. Now we know all about ice cream. Ice cream is so yummy. You did a great job. From Amy and Jennifer.

  3. Hi Group A. Wow. Those were amazing facts. Well Done. We learnt lots about ice cream

    From Room 11