Thursday, March 26, 2009

Kid Pix Super Heroes

In Room 10, we have been discussing heroes and villains this term. As part of our visual poster, we have drawn ourselves as super heroes and given ourselves a super hero name. Here are the results so far!

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Friday, March 20, 2009

Aloha Night

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It is our Aloha festival tonight at Grey Lynn School! Our school is a hive of activity. The stage is being built, the field is being readied for stalls, and right outside our classroom window, the umu is being prepared. Here are some of our stories about the umu preparation and our predictions for Aloha night!

We have just watched the pig get chopped up for the umu with a knife and an axe! I smelt smoke and saw smoke. It looked cool like a house on fire, but it made me feel sick because the smoke got into my mouth. I heard an axe hitting the bone of the pig as it was being chopped. I tasted smoke in my mouth. I feel happy and excited about Aloha tonight!
By Jordan

When we watched the pig get chopped up, I smelt smoke like when you roast marshmallows. I heard the banging of the axe and coughing because of the smoke. It felt like my mouth was going to water. I feel excited about Aloha.
By Matt

Today outside our class people were making an umu and they were cutting up a pig. Tonight it is Aloha. I think they are going to sell the pig at Aloha. I saw lots of smoke from the umu. I saw the people chopping the pig with an aze. I heard the noise of the bone being cut. It sounded really loud. I smelt smoke. I also tasted smoke. I am so excited!
By Amy

I predict that at Aloha there will be people performing on stage, dog rides, hairspray, glow sticks, tattoos, jaffas, cakes, and muffins. I can't wait till Aloha. It's going to be a lot of fun. There will probably be lots of pig to eat. When it gets dark I'm going to buy a glow stick and a ride with Amy, probably the dog ride. I can't wait!
By Celia

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Kauri Team Wheels Day

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Today the Kauri Team (Rooms 8, 9, 10 and 11) went to the court because it was wheels day.  You needed to bring stuff that had wheels and a gold coin, and we all wore green because that's our team colour.  After we got there, we got to ride our wheels around on the court.  Some of the kids didn't bring any wheels and so they went on the playground.  Mrs Hamilton turned some music on when we were riding.  It was lots of fun.  Then Ruth handed out the prizes for people wearing the best costumes.  I didn't get a prize because I wasn't the one wearing the most green.  At the end we went back to our class and headed to the pool for swimming.  It was a fun day.
By Jennifer.
For wheels day, we had bikes, scooters, roller skates and skateboards.  Some kids brought remote controlled cars and toy cars.  I have a bike and I wore green when I rode it.  It was so cool.  I really enjoyed it until I fell off my bike.  That hurt.  But after that, I got back on and it was fun.
By Phoenix.

Swimming Sports

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Last Friday, Room 10 was part of the Junior School Swimming Sports.  We got to compete in one race, and choose between flutter board and freestyle races of the whole length of the pool or half the length of the pool.  It was REALLY cold, and we were worried it might rain on us while we were waiting, but we managed to get through everyone's races before the rain started!  It was a really fun day and everyone in our class did fantastically!  Some people even won their races, but we were all proud of ourselves because we did our best.  

Take a look at our photos of the day!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Writing: creating a finished product

We have been publishing some of our writing in Room 10. I chose to write out my story and then put dots on it so that it looked like the carpet. The last thing I will do to it is scrunch it up and then unfold it so that it is exactly like the carpet, except that the bumps will be much bigger. We could choose to publish our work however we liked and this was my idea. So far, I have written most of my story out in pencil but I will need an extra bit to add to the bottom because I have run out of room! I want my finished product to look like the carpet because my story is about lying on the carpet. I got a certificate for my story because it was a good one since I used lots of describing words when using my senses to explain what I could see, touch, smell, taste and hear. I was proud of myself and I can't wait to finish publishing my writing.

By Briar

Kauri Team Sports!

Today Room 10 went to Kauri Sports with Rooms 8, 9 and 11. The names of our four teams are Kakariki, Pango, Ma and Whero. I was in Whero.
First my team played the game with no name. For the game, you have fielders and batters, who bat the ball. It goes across the field and the batter runs around in four hoops shaped like a diamond. When the fielders get the ball, they throw it to the backstop who puts it in a circle and says, "stop," and if the batter is not in a hoop they have to go to the back of the line. I thought of a name fore the the game it this is it: "criminal." I chose that name because it's a bit like somebody doing a murder and somebody finding their weapon and sending it to the police who tries to catch the criminal who has been running away.
Next we went to Ruth and played scatterball. This is how you play it: you have fielders, a backstop and a group of people who are the throwers. First a thrower throws three balls and runs, while the fielders have to get them and give them to the backstop who shouts, "stop" and then the next people have a turn, until everyone has had a turn.
Finally we went back to class. I had such an exciting time. I can't wait until next week!

By Maia

Recount writing: assembly

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Today Room 10 went to assembly.  We walked to the assembly hall at Saint Columbus.  Mr Barker gave a korero where he told us some stuff.  He said that Grey Lynn School is a lovely school.  The most exciting thing was that Room 10 won the class flag for the best class.  Max went up and held the flag for our class.  We also sang some songs, which were the national anthem and on top of spaghetti.  The assembly was a bit long, so when it ended I felt tired because my legs were folded underneath me.  When I stood up they felt good because I stretched them.  We walked back to school in a wiggly line like this /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/.  It was really fun!  When we got back to school, we got to raise our class flag on the flagpole with Mr Barker's help.  It was a good day.

By Stella