Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Writing: creating a finished product

We have been publishing some of our writing in Room 10. I chose to write out my story and then put dots on it so that it looked like the carpet. The last thing I will do to it is scrunch it up and then unfold it so that it is exactly like the carpet, except that the bumps will be much bigger. We could choose to publish our work however we liked and this was my idea. So far, I have written most of my story out in pencil but I will need an extra bit to add to the bottom because I have run out of room! I want my finished product to look like the carpet because my story is about lying on the carpet. I got a certificate for my story because it was a good one since I used lots of describing words when using my senses to explain what I could see, touch, smell, taste and hear. I was proud of myself and I can't wait to finish publishing my writing.

By Briar


  1. Hi room10 this is jennifer on the blog

    There are lots of writing on our blog and cant wait until more comes on.I like all the Cinqains and Haikus they are just amazing.

  2. Kia ora room10

    How are you all today. I am on the blog right now.I am on the blog just like on Sunday, now it is Easter Monday.I like this blog.

    By Jennifer