Monday, February 15, 2010

The Life Cycle of the Butterfly

Last week, we were learning all about the life cycle of the butterfly. We talked about how they started out as eggs, hatched into larva (we call them caterpillars), change into a pupa (another name for this is a chrysalis) and then finally reemerge as a butterfly. To show this cycle in our classroom, we got into groups and chose one part of the life cycle that we wanted to paint. We created a design of our window and thought about the colours we would need to mix to make our window beautiful. We told Mrs Hamilton how to draw the outline for our window, and then we painted it! It was lots of fun and a bit messy, but now it looks fantastic.


  1. Hi Super Stars, What a great idea you had there. It must look beautiful when you look out through your windows. Today I saw a whole lots of monarch butterfly caterpillars and I thought about your paintings that I had seen here. Mrs Burt

  2. Hi Room 8,
    We think your butterfly life cycle paintings are very creative. It must be cool to have your paintings on the classroom windows.
    From Room 6
    Summerland Primary, 2010

  3. Hi room 8 super stars.
    I love what you have done to your windows it looks really cool, and you are right it does look fantastic.It must of taken a long time to finish the pictures. You did a great job of telling Mrs Halimton where the out line are. A busy class having lots of fun, well done and will visit again!

    Faye from room 11 @ grey lynn school