Monday, August 23, 2010

Writing to Explain: Technological Changes

What came before CD’s and Phones?

Before CD’s and phones, people used records to listen to music and letters to talk to people.

Before CD’s, people used records to listen to music. They also listened to radios which played music, commercials and had stories to listen to. Another thing people used were tapes. They put them in tape players to listen to music.

Before phones were invented, people used the home post to share their thoughts with other people. They also sent telegraphs. Most things were written down and sent because people couldn’t talk to each other unless they were in the same place.

CD’s and phones won’t be around forever. In the future we might use a thing that sits on your head instead of a phone.

Before CD’s and phones there were lots of different things people used. In the future, we might not use CD’s and phones and might have different cool technology instead.

By Kate, Ernie and Anetema.

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