Monday, August 9, 2010

Sneeze Safe! Recount Writing

Here is a fantastic recount of our Sneeze Safe adventure on Friday. Check out the blog for the rest of the week to read more of them!
ACHOOO!!! On Friday Room 8 learned how to sneeze safe and we did it in Room 8 of course!
First Mrs Hamilton told us how far sneezes can go and that's pretty far. Then Sally from Sneeze Safe came to our class to watch. She was a bit late but that's OK.
After that, 8 people stood up in a line. Mrs Hamilton put baby powder on the end people's hands. Next Josie shook hands with Nathan, then Nathan shook hands with someone else and then that person shook hands with someone else. That's what they did on the other end of the line too. All of them got baby powder on their hands. The baby powder represented germs, so that's why you need to wash your hands after you sneeze in them.
Then Room 8 and Sally watched a movie clip on sneezing. It told you four things to do: "Trap it, bin it, wash it and don't eat it." It was pretty funny.
Next we talked about three ways to trap a sneeze. We pretended to sneeze into a tissue, in our hands and in our arm. While we did that, Sally took photos.
The photos might be in the newspaper. I'm so excited! It was a fun lesson.

By Maddy.

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  1. What a great recount about your "sneezing experience". I'm glad you used talcom powder and not real germs to show how easy germs can spread! I'm sure Room 8 will be much healthier by remembering the 4 rules. Happy sneezing and washing.