Friday, August 6, 2010

More Measurement

Here are the maths groups to show you again how clever they are at putting their group mates in order from tallest to shortest. As with last week, the person who took the photo had to arrange the group so that they were in the right order. You can tell who took the photo by looking at the sign that someone is holding, saying "by ____ ." We hope you like the photos!


  1. Clever indeed! I like how you have stood on tip toes or laid on the ground or on knees to ensure a height difference from short to tall. At home I like to group all the jars in my pantry at the same height.

    Jacqui and Bevan (Felix Mum and Forrests Dad, Rm4)

  2. Hi cool show! Ollie, Josie, James, and Inaise. I liked how you showed shortest to tallest. and I liked how you had to crouch down if you were the shortest.
    Nina and Allie