Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sneeze Safe - The Final Recount

On Friday Room 8 learned how to sneeze safely. First Mrs Hamilton sprayed us with water so we could see how fast and far germs travel. Soon a lady called Sally came in from Sneeze Safe to watch us. Secondly we had a little talk about how to sneeze safely. Soon after our talk, we went on the internet and used google to look up sneeze safe. We found out it had a website. There were some very gross facts on the website about snot rockets! After that we watched a short clip about how to sneeze safely. It was quite gross. There were four sayings: "do trap it, bin it, wash it and don't eat it." Then Sally took photos of us pretending to sneeze. She said some of us might be in the newspaper. Soon she had to leave. I felt glad that we learned how to sneeze safely.

By Isobel.


  1. Isobel,

    I hope everyone visits the website and learns to sneeze safely so we can stop getting sick !
    I enjoyed reading your recount and I noticed all the time words you used - well done ! Great recount and use of past tense !

  2. Abi (Josie's mum)August 12, 2010 at 10:34 AM

    I have really enjoyed reading the Sneeze Safe recounts written by Isobel, Syris and Maddy...You described the event in such detail and used some super phrases. I was also impressed that you all remembered the key messages. And to top it off I now I understand why Josie and Anetema had words like "sneeze", "germs" and "tissue" for spelling this week!

  3. Dear Isobel,
    We liked your recount. We liked your orientation, sequence of events and conclusion. It really was interesting for us to read.
    From Syris and Juanita.

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