Friday, August 27, 2010

Writing to explain: How do kids learn?

How do kids learn?

Kids learn by going to school and by asking questions.

One way to learn is to go to school and your teacher will teach you some things. You could also ask your friends a question. Then they might tell you the answer. At school you can learn lots of things like reading, writing and maths.

Another way to learn is to go on the internet and go to google. You can put in what you want to find the answer to and press search. Then you can click on different websites to find information.

Parents also know lots of things so you could ask your parents a question and they could tell you. They could also show you how to do something because they are clever.

Kids learn by going to school, finding out things on the internet or by asking their parents for help.

By Maya, James and Zara.

This group brainstormed all the ways that they thought they learned things. Then they chose the ones they thought were the most important and wrote about them. What do you think? Are there other ways that you learn? Tell us in the comments!

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