Sunday, July 18, 2010

Term 2 PMI: Zara

Here is Zara to share her PMI with you.


  1. I liked your "P" because it was an interesting thing to say, and it was nicely spoken,

  2. Thanks for sharing Zara , in room 11 we do PMI and it's kind of interesting read what other people think especially if it is different from your own thinks. Good job and keep up the cool work. From 11

  3. Good clear voice Zara and I like acting out plays too.It seemed liked you thought your PMI out really well.Welldone.

    Morgan,Room 11

  4. I like your PMI Zara and its realy cool that your class have the best class blog i wish room 16 had the best class blog toodles from Georgia

  5. Hi Zara,
    school sounds really fun this year
    I miss you so much
    love Marlo