Thursday, July 29, 2010

Measurement - Tallest to Shortest

In Room 8, we are learning to order things from tallest to shortest at the moment. This week our topic activity for maths was to use a camera to take a photo of our maths group standing in order of tallest to shortest. To do this, we made signs that said "tallest" and "shortest" and gave them to the tallest person and the shortest person to hold. So Mrs Hamilton would know who ordered the group and took the photo, we got the middle person to hold a sign saying who the photo was by.
Have a look at our photos and see if we got it right!


  1. Looks to me like you guys got it pretty much right. Well done. It would be interesting to do it again in a year and see if any of you had moved position.

    Abi (Josie's mum)

  2. Well done Josie and your team. I liked seeing the tallest to the shortest.

  3. Ha! I think that song says it just right. Your schoo, is really cool. You do lots of fun things in Maths. I could see that you are all very good at ordering things. Mrs Burt

  4. Great ordering guys! In one group most of you all looked about the same height. Maybe all the tallest could get together and find out who is the tallest. I wonder if that person will still be the tallest in December? What do you think?

  5. Hi Room 8,

    We liked your your song in your movie. We liked your special effects. Today we had to work out who was the tallest and shortest in Room 3 for class photos. Zeba was the shortest and Halaiano was the tallest.

    From Room 3 PBS