Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Room 8 at Football Kids NZ

On Monday, Room 8 got to go to Football Kids NZ. It was on the field. When we got there, Matthew introduced himself and got us a ball each.
Next we went into a square made of cones. He told us to put different parts of our body on the ball, and then to balance the ball on our noses. That was hard! We also had to balance it on the back of our necks and roll it down our backs and catch it.
Then he taught us how to play some games. The games were Cowboys and Indians, Shark Attack and Ball Rush. They were pretty fun games. Our favourite was Cowboys and Indians, where we had to pick a chief to lead the Indians across the field while the Cowboys kicked balls at them. If you got hit by a ball (which was a bullet) below the knees, you became a Cowboy or Cowgirl too.
It was awesome and we had a great time. We would like to go again!


  1. Gee Room 8 you must have had a wonderful time. I might sign up for it. it. From Queenie.

  2. Hi room 8 we liked the soccer it awesome because we played fun games and you looked like you had fun. From Matt and Emma