Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Why Does The Sun Shine?

Here is Maddy to tell you all about why the sun shines. She has used her imagination spectacularly, incorporating things she learned about the first space tourist!

Why Does The Sun Shine?

The sun shines because it is a ball of fire.

The sun shines because there is a woman living in space and every morning she goes over to the sun. She lights the sun with a match and the ball of fire lights up.

The woman got her job from NASA (which is a country). The United States and NASA fought over whether to give her the job or not because USA had someone else who wanted the job. In the end, NASA won!

The name of the person who has the job is Kin Handerson. She is 40,000 years old. She has black hair and brown eyes.

The sun shines because it's a ball of fire that gets lighted every day.


  1. Awesome topic Madeline about the sun shinning.

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