Friday, September 3, 2010

Room 4 and Room 8: Buddies!

To have a break from production practice, and to practice getting along with others, Room 8 got to visit Room 4 and have some time to do different activities in their classroom. We got to write letters and cards with them, play different reading and maths games, and even use their dress up box! Lots of the kids in our class loved the dress up box, and Gail remembered them loving it even when they were in her class when they were in Year 1!
We enjoyed playing together, sharing and being kind, and having great learning conversations.

1 comment:

  1. Hello to my favourite classes - Room 4 and Room 8! I love your funky slide show. It brought back lots of fun memories for me. When I was in Year one it was called Primer 1 and we had a wonderful dressing up box. We had a shop in our classroom too. It looks like you have had a fun day.
    Your friend
    Mrs Burt