Monday, September 13, 2010

How To Fight Pirates

Elijah, Nathan and Ernie have written a very imaginative explanation about pirates. See if they have an identifying statement, explanation sequence and a summary statement!

How Can You Fight Pirates?

You can fight pirates with a sword.

To fight off pirates, you will need a ship to sail in. Then you will need to sail your ship out to sea. Make sure you have enough food and water to eat and drink on the way.

To find the pirates you will need to use a magic compass. The compass will point the way to their ship. Then you can find their ship and attack.

When you attack the pirates, use swords to fight the pirates because they will have swords too. You will need to be a good swordsman to beat them.

To fight pirates you will need a ship, a magic compass and a sword.

By Elijah, Nathan and Ernie.


  1. I love stories about Pirates and I enjoyed reading yours.

  2. nice work elijah good story. i have never herd a story from a year 3 like that its cool i think pirates do need to take a lot of food