Thursday, March 25, 2010

Descriptive Writing: Nina's Mum

My mum's name is Allie. I wrote a description about her. I wrote what she looks like, what her job is and what her hobbies are. Watch my video and see what you learn about my mum.
By Nina.


  1. Hi Nina. I enjoyed listening to your story.You spoke clearly and confidently. Your mum sounds like an awesome mum and I'm guessing, looks just like you. I also think its important keeping your room clean,good on you!.Keep up the wonderful work.

  2. Hi Neenee
    You gave a wonderful talk about that beautiful
    mother of yours. You're a natural on camera. Every cool kid deserves a cool mama. Ole x

  3. Hi Nina - We liked your blog and we agree you've got the BEST mother in the world - just like Nanna. We hope we can read some more interesting blogs you write. We also loved the video - you looked so confident .
    Love Nanna & Poppe

  4. Hi Nina,
    I like the way you described your mum. I think that you've got the best story I've ever heard on the computer. I hope I will read some more interesting stories that you write.

  5. Hi Nina It was good to hear you talking about your mum - I think she is great too and I know she helps you all the time. I liked visiting you at gymnastics and seeing how good you are. Congratulations for getting your certificate Love Granny.

  6. Madeleine BonnarMay 6, 2010 at 4:59 PM

    Dear Nina

    I think that this is a really good thing about your mum i really like it i like how you look at the audience quite a bit.also i am really happy your my friend.

  7. what a wonderfull writing nina i really enjoyed your story.

    well done

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