Monday, June 28, 2010

Team Jack's Popcorn Procedure

This is our final Popcorn Procedure, by Jack, Maya, Inaise and Ernie. They chose to use a still camera to take photos of pictures they drew by hand.
First we drew the pictures and then decided on the order. We all took turns at taking photos of our drawings. Then we put the photos into imovie and did a voiceover to say what was happening. We decided that we didn't want any music so that our instructions would be the most important thing. Please comment on our movie!

1 comment:

  1. We really like your movie and think it is easy to follow. You spoke clearly and projected your voices well. The illustrations fit the voice overs exactly. we think that not using music was a good idea because it makes it easier for us to concentrate on the speech.
    Thanks Ernie for commenting on our letters and video. We had a fantastic time at the Fire Station and learnt lots as well.
    Have a happy holiday.
    From'Room 7 Blog team.