Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Science: How can we change eggs?

Yesterday during science, we looked at eggs and how they can be changed.  Syris cracked an egg open for us, and we looked at the shell, the egg yolk and the egg white.  We talked about whether the egg could be put back together again and decided that it couldn't.  We even remembered the old poem, "Humpty Dumpty!"

We also talked about what changes we could make to the parts of the egg.  First we crushed an egg, then we mixed an egg yolk and white together, and then we beat the egg yolk and egg white separately.  We worked out that each part of the egg changes differently depending on what you do to it.  

Next we looked at heating eggs and all the different ways an egg could change when it was heated - soft boiled, hard boiled, poached, scrambled and baked into cakes and muffins!  Once again, we realised that these changes couldn't be reversed - once the egg has been changed, it would be very hard to change it back again!

Photos by Toby and Isobel.

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