Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Arbor Day 2010: How to Plant a Tree

Yesterday we celebrated Arbor Day at GLS.  We had a special assembly to talk about the meaning of Arbor Day, and ASB donated some trees for us to plant.  At the assembly, Josie spoke on behalf of the Puriri Team and explained what Arbor Day meant to here.  Here is what she said:

Arbor Day makes me stop and think about nature.  It makes me appreciate the trees and plants surrounding me.  We are lucky because we have lots of trees and plants at Grey Lynn School so we should look after them.

Josie spoke so well that she was asked to help plant the Puriri Team's tree.  After it was planted, we went back to class and wrote instructions for planting a tree.  Here is Josie's!

How To Plant A Tree

You will need: a small tree, water, soil, a watering can and a spade.

1. Dig a hole.
2. Put the tree in the hole.
3. Put some soil in and around the hole until it is full.
4. Fill the watering can with water.
5. Pour some water onto the tree.
6. Watch it grow over time.


  1. Well done Josie. There is something very special about planting a tree. I hope you come back to a school reunion in 50 years time and see 'your' tree! It sounds like you have made your teacher and your team proud as well as doing some great writing. Keep it up. Mrs Burt

  2. Well done Josie - we are proud of you. (Just like Emily said she was when she saw you planting the tree.)

    Nice clear instructions too - perhaps you'd like to take over my job from me. :)

    Two speeches in two days - phew!

    Mummy xxx

  3. Well done Josie. Your instructions were great and It must have taken some nerve to make a speech in front of so many people. You are a star!

    By coincidence, Jacob was part of a small group chosen represent our school by planting some hanging baskets at our local park yesterday (as part of our town's entry in the Britain in Bloom competition) but it was pouring with rain so the event was cancelled! He was not happy about it!

    Love, Auntie Caroline