Thursday, November 18, 2010

Narrative Writing: The Ngarara

Here is Toby's narrative about the Ngarara, based on the School Journal story. Can you see if he has an orientation which explains the setting, problem and resolution? If so, leave him a comment!
Once upon a time there was a Ngarara trapped in the wallpaper of an old house. The house was owned by a man names Bob. He was 39. He had brown hair and green eyes.
One day he took down some of the wallpaper. Then suddenly the Ngarara sneezed his way through the hole in the wallpaper! Bob was terrified. He ran to the phone and called 111 as quickly as he could.
When Bob turned around again, he couldn't see the Ngarara. He sat down on his chair and suddenly realised that he was sitting on the Ngarara. The Ngarara said, "I will eat you." Bob was very upset.
Then the police arrived. When they saw the Ngarara, they ran away because he was so scary. Bob tried to run away with them, but as he was running, he tripped over some paint. It splattered everywhere, all over the carpet, all over the walls and all over the Ngarara. "Ahhhhhhh," cried the Ngarara. "It's burning me!" Then the Ngarara turned to dust and everything was ok again.

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