Friday, October 22, 2010

Another Narrative Orientation

Here are Madeleine and Anetema to share their orientation with you. They focused on making sure the reader knew who, what and where, and that when the reader read her orientation they would be able to see the characters in their minds. Were they successful? Leave a comment. Picture by Madeleine.
Where's Lilly?
Two girls named Chloe and Bridget were walking to a pet store because they desperately wanted a rabbit. Chloe and Bridget were twins and they liked wearing the same clothes! Their gold hair shone in the sunlight as they walked, and their new chuck tailors were as pink as could be! Chloe and Bridget were 16 years old.
As they walked, they went by a fish and chip show. They could smell all the fish and chips. It made them feel hungry. In the distance they could see the pet shop. Chloe ran ahead. She could see on the roof it said, "get pets here, get pets here!" There were so many pets in the huge windows! As Chloe ran to the door, she shouted, "HURRY UP BRIDGET!"


  1. Hi Anetema and Madeline
    What a fabulous orientation. I really liked your character description. I could easily picture them in my head. I look forward to reading more orientations from you.


  2. Hi girls,
    This is FABULOUS! Wow, you have described Chloe and Bridget excellently! Really hope you post the rest of the narrative!

    From Jonathan