Thursday, May 20, 2010

Recount Writing: Folk Dancing

As well as procedural writing, Room 8 is also practicing recount writing. We are looking at using adjectives and similes to make our writing more interesting. Here is Ernie to tell you about Folk Dancing:

On Thursday morning Room 8 went to Folk Dancing in the Puriri Quad for fitness. First we lined up and walked up the steep hill. We made three circles that were as round as apples.

Next the music turned on very loud. We danced to the music. I felt very tired like I was going to fall over.

Finally we went back to class. I felt as happy as if I had won a running race. I had fun at Folk Dancing.

By Ernie.

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  1. Hi Ernie,
    We thought your recount writing was very detailed. We liked how your ideas were in order and that you used similes and adjectives in your writing. We hope that we can try folk dancing too.

    From Room 10@Pt England School