Friday, September 4, 2009

Visual Art: Scraffito Panels

Here are Room 10's finished scraffito panels, which took us about 5 weeks to finish. They were a lot of work! We talked about hot and cold colours, creating a contrast, shape, patterns and how to use space effectively when creating our masterpieces. Each panel was designed and created by one person who had to work together with their group of three to make their panels look like part of a whole. Have a look at the results!


  1. Heya Room 10
    I can tell you've been busy again. I've been making pictures like that for years, but never know they were called scraffitos so I've learned something from you!
    Love the art work.
    Well done!

  2. Hi Room 10 That was a great movie of your art. Cool drawings. I bet your class can win a drawing competition.

  3. Hi Room 10,
    Wow what awesome art work. I have never heard of scraffito art, and I think you have produced some very interesting work to look at and enjoy. I really liked the different patterns used in the background, which reminds me of Aboriginal artwork.
    Keep up the good work Room 10, your work is fantastic!

    From Mrs Tuala

  4. It was cool how you worked together on your artworks and split them into thirds. I didn't know three people could work on one artwork.
    George B in our class liked the teddy bear artwork. Connor liked the snake and the turtle artworks because he likes those animals.
    We liked that the artwork was in strips.
    Your artworks are really creative! Well done!

  5. we like how you did your coulrs and if it took you 5 weeks you did a good gob.

  6. we like the colurs and if it took you 5weeks you did a good job

  7. Hi Room 10 - this is Ms Fothergill from Room 10 @ Raumati Beach School. The anonymous comment is from 4 of our Y3&4 students - they forgot to put their names in.

  8. Hi room 10 I thought it was really fun to do the scraffito.I reall liked all them especially the dolphin one.From Stella

  9. Hi room 10 at grey lynn school.I really like your
    scraffito panels.How long did it take you to finsh them?.I like the snake.From Robert.