Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Trip to Waitakere Gymnasium

Today Room 10 and the Kauri Team went to the Waitakere Gymnasium. We got to use heaps of cool equipment and practice lots of fantastic moves at different stations. Then we did a sculpture walk in Olympic Park, which was hard work since it was raining! We had a great time today and hope we get to go back again in the future!


  1. You Guys get to do the coolest things Room 10!
    Love the movie. You look like you had heeeeeeeeps of fun! That's got to be the longest trampoline I've ever seen. Well done & keep up the good work.

  2. This looks like it was sooooo much fun. You people are so lucky to get to do this. I can see that some of you have pretty good skills at gymnastics already.
    Mrs Burt

  3. What a fit lot you all are, and you get to have so much fun! I particularly liked seeing the parents getting into the action too!

  4. Hello room 10 I had a great time at the waitakere gym. Can you do a L shape on the bar? Do you know what an apparatus is?? From Amy

    Hi room 10, I had fun on the gym trip!!! Thanks for letting me come. Did you like my star jumps? Lisa

  5. Hi Room 10 Grey lynn school
    How was your trip?
    it looked really fun.
    I wish I was ther.
    from Robert

  6. Hi Room 10 greylen school I really Liked your are good at exercise .The best part I liked was when you were jumping.Was it fun?from Asena.

  7. Hi
    that trampoline looked fun to play and to jump on that must be fun to do i really like jumping on trampolines

    well see you later.

  8. Hi Room 10
    That must of been exiting it looked like it was so much , I would of loved to play on the Trampoline, hope room10 had fun.

  9. Hiroom 10 from 2009 we had a great year with the trips and fun. froooooooooooom anton you Rock