Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Kelly Sports

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This term we are practicing Report Writing. Here is our report, which we wrote as a class, on our Friday experience at Kelly Sports.

Kelly Sports is a sports programme that happens after school on a Tuesday on our school field or courts. Once a term a person from Kelly Sports shows their activities to Grey Lynn School kids. Jeremy works at Kelly Sports.
Jeremy teaches a game called "Fishing." One person has a net and the other has two tennis balls. The first person throws the tennis balls and the other person has to try and catch them in the net.
Another game is called "Chopsticks Catching." The game requires one person. The person throws the ball and then catches it with two or three fingers like chopsticks. This game requires lots of skill.
A third game involved passing a rugby ball over one persons head, and then under the other persons head, before doing the "washing machine" where the two people pass their ball around their waists while standing back to back.
Kelly Sports teaches skills like passing a ball, catching, throwing and skill for playing games like ripper rugby, hockey and soccer.


  1. Wish I had Kelly Sports! It looks like LOADS of fun.
    I think your report writing is really good, but I don't know who to congratulate, because the authors' names are not there.
    So...... congratulations Rm 10!

  2. Fabulous report writing Room 10. You have given us heaps of information about your fun time with Kelly Sports. I think the chopsticks game sounds VERY hard.

  3. What a great report room 10, it reminded me of all the fun games. I think my favourites were the fishing and hockey. I can't wait to read some of your future reports.