Wednesday, July 22, 2009

100 Days of Learning Celebration

Today we celebrated 100 days of learning at school this year. We did lots of fun activities to do with 100: for fitness we did 100 star jumps, we worked out facts like which day was 100 days after our birthday for maths, and we drew what we thought we'd look like when we're 100 and wrote a description for writing. We're also trying to fill our 100 minutes of reading thermometer this week!
Another fun thing today was making fairy bread using 100s and 1000s. We also dressed up using the number 100, and the Kauri Team tried to bring more than 100 cans to give to Auckland City Mission. We definitely succeeded!
We had a school assembly on the court and presented some items to our parents to celebrate 100 days of learning. The Kauri Team sung a fantastic song and did our Kauri Team cheer, which was really loud. All our parents were really impressed with us. It's been a great day!


  1. Hi Room 10 - 100 days gone by already! You have done so much in that time. I can't believe how many fun activities you did today. I really enjoyed watching your VERY cool video. I would like to know how to make one like that :)

  2. Hello Room 10

    I watched the video. I really liked the music that was playing. My favourite thing was the fitness part.
    from AMY!

  3. Heya R10.
    Looks like you've had heeeeeeeeeps of fun. You must have a good teacher!
    I want to know how long it took you to do 100 star jumps and whether you did them all at once or whether you stopped for a breather half way through. I'd like to know how you made that movie, because its reeeeeeeeeeeelly cool! Well done everyone.

    Mr Burt

  4. Dear Room 10,

    It looks like you had a good day. 100 days is a long time. I liked your movie about all the exercises and fun things you did. Collecting cans was a great thing to do for the poor people.

    From Cezar at Pt England School
    'Going Places'

  5. Hi room 10 it was really fun doing 100 hops,starjumps and jumping over the yellow line 100 times.My mum thinks the song and the clip is really cool.From Stella

  6. Hello Room 10,
    We watched your movie as a whole class and really liked your movie about 100 days of learning.

    I liked how you did 100 star jumps by Anamei
    Did you bring 2 cans or 1 can each? by Levi
    How long did it take to make your fairy bread? by Andee

    From Miss Lavakula and Room 10@Pt England School

  7. hi room 10! you must have had favourite part was 100 jumps and song

  8. Hi Rm 10
    I had a really cool day and my favourite part was doing all of the fitness activities and games.
    from Caitlin

  9. Hi RM 10 my name is Jamie that is so cool Iwish we had that at our school rm8

  10. We loved the video that you made of your 100 hundred days of school celebrations. We think that you were very lucky to make fairy bread with 100's and 1000's. We wish that we could have made it too!!

    From room 9, Nelson Central School