Thursday, December 10, 2009

Science: How to make candles (heat and light)

To finish off our learning about sound, movement, electricity, magnetism, heat and light, we made candles! It was heaps of fun and very messy.
First we made a hole in the centre of a yoghurt pot, then we threaded the wick through the hole and tied it to a skewer at the top of the pot to keep the wick straight.
Next, we put in anything special that we wanted to add, like glitter, beads, buttons and leaves. Then it was time to add the wax! We got to choose different colours to make our candles. Ashleigh melted the wax in a pot for us, and then poured it into our yoghurt container.
Finally, we left our candles to set in trays overnight. Tomorrow we will be able to remove them from the yoghurt pot. We can't wait!


  1. Hi rm 10 I cant wait untill we get those candels.I am also looking forwad to seeing how my candle has ended up! From Stella

  2. I love your candles Room 10. Were they hard to make ? I would like you to show me your finished candles. They looked like they would be fun to make.


  3. Hi Room 10, That looked like so much fun. And now I know why Ashleigh wasn't at work today! I am sure it was great to make candles though. Mrs Burt