Thursday, October 22, 2009

Harvesting Radishes and Lettuce from our Garden

Earlier last term, the Kauri team planted vegetables in our school garden. We have been watering them and looking after them since then. We got back to school this term to find that all our vegetables had grown! The radishes and the lettuce were ready to eat so today we harvested them. We brought bread and some other fillings from home and together with the lettuce and radishes, made ourselves yummy sandwiches! They tasted delicious and we had lots of fun.


  1. Hi Room 10!

    What a terrific idea - to plant a garden at school! It looks like you worked hard and had a lot of fun too! Don't you think that fresh vegetables taste sooooooo much better than ones from the store?!

  2. Hello Room 10!

    Thank you for leaving us comments on our blog! We love them! We think your blog is very pretty and that you must have a lot of cool things going in your classroom.

    Mrs She and Room 5 @Pt. England School.Auckland.

  3. Hi Room 10,
    Those sandwiches were sooooo yummy I wanted another one.I think it was funny when Camron opened his mouth up in the photo.Those radishies were a bit hot for me but really yummy.From Stella

  4. Hi Room 10,

    Well down with the planting and harvesting. At the beginning of the year there were no gardens....what has happened!!!!! A transformation has taken place. Now that is a good word to look up. The sandwiches made from your garden look great, how much $$$$$$. Perhaps I need to come and have a look at the changes that have happened since I have been away.