Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Kid Pix Animation: Penguin Egg

Our newest skill that we have been practicing is creating animations using Kid Pix.  First, we draw a picture and save it.  Then, we move some of the bits around and save it again.  We continue doing this over and over until we have a good number of pictures to create a slideshow.  When we put them all together, it looks like our picture is moving!  Here is Max's first attempt, showing a baby penguin hatching.


  1. Hello Max,

    I loved your animation. It really made me think there was a baby penguin hatching our of the egg. I loved the "t-da" pose that the penguin did at the end. Well done. Mrs Fale

  2. Well done Max, I am particularly keen on animation myself, so I always look out for kids who are learning how to make them. Like Mrs Fale, I appreciated the grand finale! Well worth watching for.
    Mrs Burt

  3. Wow Room 10, we love that kidpix animation! We are a year 3 class too and we are in Room 10 as well! Our class blog is Check us out!

  4. Kia Ora Room 10,
    Great job Max on your animations. Well done. I liked the idea of an egg hatching. You are very clever and must be working hard. Keep it up!

  5. Wow that looks so cool Max. What a lot of hard work must have gone into it! I am going to try it with my class!

  6. Hi room 10
    I saw Max's animation.I really like the penguin egg cracking it's a really good idea.The baby penguin is so cute.
    From Amy!

  7. Loved seeing Briar as the cat, you make a good cat. From Annabel, Ce's Mum.

    Your video was cool Max. From Ed

  8. Dear Max,
    Your animation clearly demonstrated how the little penguin hatched from it's egg. It was informative and fun! The movements were smooth and well linked. Keep up the good work. I can't wait to see your next animation .

    From Mrs Jarman

  9. Wow I like your Penguin. It is cute. You are very clever

  10. Hi Room 10,

    We liked watching Animation egg. It was a lovely surprise to watch the egg crack.

    From Room 3 Panmure Bridge School

  11. Hi Max,

    Loved your animation, Mrs Fale noted the egg colour changed too. Well done!